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12+1 bars to visit in Athens

by Νικολά Ραδίσης

It’s not just that the following suggestions are some of the best bars in Greece, it’s that many of them are an informal school for future generations of bartenders. They have their own “personality” that they borrow from their owners. They constantly have something to say and offer. Some of these may be new, but they are all guaranteed for a successful course in the field cause of their such as work desire, experience, knowledge. We start with the first 13 bars to visit in Athens. Bars that are strictly within the boundaries of the City of Athens and you should visit them -if haven’t done it till now- sometime.


The Clumsies

First, because it is the highest-ranked Greek bar of The World’s 50 Best Bars. The Clumsies is 6th on the list for 2019 and this automatically makes it an attraction for anyone visiting the capital. Those who work at the bar certainly have the experience needed to provide excellent service. The Clumsies is playful, naughty and enjoyable, from cocktails and food to its menu.

30 Praxitelous str


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