Frankie (N. Erythraia-Athens, Greece)


A brand new entry in N. Erytraia is Frankie Restaurant, an authentic Italian trattoria with New York air. Frankie is an authentic Italian New York air. An all-day restaurant from the Nice n Easy group, elegant and simple, like those where Frank Sinatra himself frequented the 70’s. Chef Panagiotis Moisis has created a menu based on Italian cooking tradition with strong Greek touches. Simple and tasty dishes, with an emphasis on organic small-scale raw materials.

We started with their “own” Greek Salad or “Village Salad”, as it is typically mentioned in the list. A salad where the spicy feta cheese fits very well with sweet cherry tomatoes, cool cucumber spaghetti, capers and carob dakos. We continued with an emblematic Italian appetizer, the Vitello Tonnato. Rich meaty taste of tender and raw beef and acidity of tuna sauce, anchovies and handmade mayonnaise in a pleasant balance. Followed by hand made ravioli stuffed with lobster cream. Exemplary boiled, with the rustic taste of seafood sauce being highlighted by small-correct doses of fish roe and lemon on pearls. From the Pinza Roma, their own version of pizza, made from long-lasting dough, we preferred the mozzarella di bufala. Baked in a wood-fired oven, very crunchy, with mozzarella butter, fine prosciutto, tomatoes, basil leaves and plenty of freshly ground pepper. It’s worth visiting Frankie just to enjoy it.

Pinsa at Frankie N. Erythraia

At the suggestion of Frankie’s extremely up-to-date service, we combined our food with cocktails. The robust taste of aged Negroni matched our dishes. So does Italian Roots, a light and cool Spritz with Root’s Diktamo liqueur and grapefruit soda. The extensive list of Greek and Italian wines, which are subdivided (housewine, organic, crispy, spicy, aromatic, full body rich) in a way that makes it easy for connoisseurs and non-drinkers alike to suit the menu. The white Chardonnay-Gewurztraminer 4 lakes from the Kyr-Yianni Estate or the Rose Meliasto (Agiorgitiko-Moschofilero) from the Spiropoulos Estate, can accompany pizza, pasta and more. So are the beers on the list that are mostly Greek, such as Flaros, Clepsydra and Voreia Stout.

Desserts featured alternatively presented cheesecake, with fluffy cheesy cream, spicy cookies and fresh red fruit. The tiramisu came in a striking variant: enclosed in a chocolate ball on a coffee crumb. The gianduja was velvety with a rich hazelnut flavor, but it might need something more to stand out from the mildly delicious mango sorbet on its side.

Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday 09:00 - 01:00 
Contact Details
125 Charilaou Trikoupi,
14671 N. Erythraia, Greece

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