Greek beers participated with success at ICB 2018

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It seems like Greek microbreweries can shine in the UK. Once again beers from Greece have succeeded to stand out among beers from countries with tradition in brewing. Ales of Greece can claim about their equity with Ales of Belgium and United Kingdom.

August is the month of summer recess in Greece and a lot of interesting news can be lost. August is also the month of the year when the International Beer Challenge is announcing its results for their tasting and design awards. One of the most pleasant news about beer were the results of the International Beer Challenge. In this year’s competition, two Greek microbreweries participated. Septem Microbrewery, based in Avlonari, Evoia is participating for one more year. With numerous wins in the past Septem’s Dilemma Barrel Aged Barley Wine was awarded with a Bronze medal in the Ale category and Kleos Barrel Aged Imperial Stout was awarded with a Silver Medal in the Specialty Beer Category and a Bronze Medal in the Individual Product category of the design awards held by the competition.

Great success for the second Greek microbrewery! Elixi SA Greek Microbrewery, based some kilometres outside Chalkida, received a Gold Medal in the Ale category for their beer Delphi Dark and a Bronze for Delphi in the Lager category. It was the first participation for the brewery at the IBC.

Considering the success of the Greek beers in the previous years, I can say that International Beer Challenge is a contest which fits for Greek beers. A big smile for us too, first for the acceptance Greek beers receive abroad, especially from a tasting panel with experienced and recognized judges and secondly for the prove that Greek Beer Awards can be considered as a validation for their efforts and the awards the beers will receive at an international competition, as Delphi Pils, Delphi Dark and Septem Kleos received a Gold Medal in Pilsner, Dark Ale and Stout-Porter categories respectively.

The International Beer Challenge was held in London. For next year the registration will re-open on January 2019.

See all the winners of the International Beer Challenge.

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