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Hand Pickers in Athens!

by Beer and Bar Magazine
Coffee brew and hat by Hand Pickers Coffee Roasters

A new coffee roastery made its appearance this year in Athens, Greece offering new multidimensional flavors in coffee. It’s called “Hand Pickers”.“Coffee is an everyday ritual for us”, states the “Hand Pickers” team. Barista Alexandros Foukis, bartender Dimitris Papaioannou and Natali Dimou, add “coffee as it is a language in itself”. After several years in coffee grounds, of the piece of production, different seminars, competitions and also personal contact with people who roasted coffee, they managed to create a place that shares their passion.

The name of “Hand Pickers” came out from people who aim only to gather the ripe coffee cherries and to determine their highest quality.

Their goal is to belong to a family by sharing experiences, views, by serving a cup of coffee.


Hand Pickers – Coffee Roasters

Anaxagora 45, Tavros-Athens


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