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This time under the “magnifying glass” of the column we have the aged tsipouro “Agioneri”, a personal favorite choice, from the family of Tsililis distillates. After the imposing Dark Cave, which is aging for 5 to 12 years, Agoneri is “younger” in terms of aging, and comes to offer something completely different.

For its production, Rhoditis and Moschato (Muscat) grape varieties are used. A simple bottle with soft golden-yellow content, special curves on the contour and on the double bottom. Charming embossed label with pale colors and bronze details. Stylish look and no “verbose” visuals.

In the glass, the blond tears of the distillate reached slowly the bottom and the first pleasant surprise came at the nose. Due to its short stay in French oak barrels (at least for 12 months), Agioneri retains a special freshness in its aroma. The familiar warmth of tsipouro aroma, accompanied by unripe grape, must, prickly pear and sweet exotic fruit, between papaya and pineapple.

At the taste now, familiar flavors for everyone. Everyone who tasted it, focused on the most familiar. Here is the success of this effort for me. There was a harmony and balance in the tensions of different flavors, without one overwhelming the other, making it mild, which can be liked by a wide range of consumers. Honey and smoke accompanied the rest, along with a steady botanically that, after we broke our heads, ended up identify it as eucalyptus. Orange peel, cloves and intense spice. Medium-length aftertaste, that leaves notes of kumquat and dried fruit.

Lots of bartenders are not accustomed to having Greek spirits in their bar. From this point of view, we can wonder: “Why on our shelf?”. I answer instantly. Agioneri is a sweeter and gentler version of tsipouro as we are used to it, frozen and “koupato” (means: in a cup). It can act as a link for a re-approach from the bartender to the consumer, so both business and visitors, eliminate the impression that tsipouro only fits in a tavern environment. Such rigorous attempts deserve the test, especially when they have nothing to envy on a matter of complexity from another kind of spirit.

Available in wholesale in a 500ml bottle from Tsililis Distillery.

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Address: Vineyard-Distillery-Winery: Raxa Trikalon, 421 00, Greece
Email: info@tsililis.gr
Url: www.tsililis.gr
Founded: 1989

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