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Vegan Free beer with certifications!

“The Vegan Society” certified the beers

by Newsroom

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that the 5 core beers of Midnight Circus are the first Greek beers with a Vegan certification by “The Vegan Society”.

“The Vegan Society” is the oldest organization acting globally for the support and spreading of Veganism, founded in 1944 and first coined the term vegan to describe a vegetarian diet devoid of all animal-derived ingredients.

You may now enjoy the 5 Midnight Circus beers being sure that apart from being tasty and of high quality, they are also free of all animal ingredients and against animal cruelty.

The 5 beers with the Vegan certification are the following:

  • Soul of the Party – mini IPA 4,1% alc.

A light IPA, a mini IPA as we like to call it due to the low alcohol. Blonde, hazy, and fruity with a strong aroma!

  • Don’t go into the deep water! – Lager with sea salt blossom 4,5% alc.

A light aromatic Lager with sea salt blossom from the island of Kythira. Delightful and refreshing with a discreet salty aftertaste. We recommend that you try it with a slice of lemon.

  • Uncle Emilio – Pilsner 5% alc.

Uncle Emilio is an old-school Pilsner with a full taste and a discreet hop aroma. It is our first release in a 440ml can.

  • Drama Queen – Red Ale 4,5% alc.

A Red Ale with a distinct malty aroma and flavor with hints of caramel, honey, and biscuit.

  • Play Punk! – Foreign extra Stout 6,5% alc.

A balanced bittersweet stout with intense cocoa and coffee aroma and hints of raisin.

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