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One of the biggest bars shows in Europe, the Mecca of international bartending, like many wants to characterize it, Bar Convent Berlin is taking place in the German capital, Berlin. Bar Convent Berlin is returning for one more year aiming to help the companies and the bartenders in networking, to present their products and to be informed through the seminars and workshops, that will take place.

Οn the occasion of one more Bar Convent Berlin– even in a digital version- we thought that it would be a good chance to mention some interesting evidence, for those of you who will think to book your seat this year, from the comfort of your home, bar or your office.

  1. The first BCB was in 2007 organized by Helmut Adam, Jens Hasenbein and Bastian Heuser, since 2018 the organization belongs 100% at ReedExhibitions.
  2. From 2013 and until 2019 the exhibition was held at the Station Berlin
  3. BCB is taking place for 13 consecutive years
  4. For 2020 it was scheduled the change of the venue but following the developments of the pandemic Covid -19 the exhibition will take place in a digital environment with the title “Pouring Digital”

  5. During this year’s trade show the companies who will participate they can build their own “digital” booth.
  6. For the bartenders who want to visit this year’s show, they will be no admission and the only thing they have to do is to register through the ticket shop when this will be live.


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    Watch out now, register later: our ticket shop opens in August, so make sure you’d better be prepared! 💥 #BCB2020 #PouringDigital

    Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Bar Convent Berlin (@barconventber) στις

  7. A big part of the BCB is the tasting that is taking place. This year even those will be held digitally through the tasting boxes.
  8. BCB is famous among the bartenders at the Bartenders Xmas
  9. BCB during the past years gained two “brothers and sisters” the BCB Brooklyn and the BCB Sao Paulo. Both of them will be participating during the Pouring Digital bar week in October.
  10. Every year BCB hosts more than 400 exhibitors while the visitors excide the 14.000 worldwide professionals.
  11. In 2021, one more BCB will start operating. This time in Singapore at the beginning of March

BeerBartender is the official representative of  Bar Convent Berlin and the rest of BCB shows for Greece and Cyprus. In case you would like to be part of the show as exhibitor or visitor you can get in contact with it

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