BeerBartender Awards for 5th consecutive year

BeerBartender Awards 2017

BeerBartender Awards are returning for fifth consecutive year. The awards which became an institution in the Greek beer world are going to happen again this year on Monday 5th of March 2018 in President Hotel in Athens.

Last year BeerBartender Awards innovated by presenting for the first time in our country prizes after a blind taste, the Greek Beer Awards. Professionals from the industry and experienced judges from abroad were invited for that reason. Having the support of the companies the Greek Beer Awards will be held for second time this year. As the beer industry is growing rapidly we believe that Greek Beer Awards will also become an institution in the future for the industry.

BeerBartender Awards have been recipient of the public love since 2012 when they took place for the first time. So, for the fifth year, audience votes for their loved ones. For those who they believe made a difference last year in the brewing industry, through the Consumer Awards.

More information about last year’s winners can be find here: www.beerbartenderawards.gr

On photo: Dirk Hoplitschek (Beer journalist), Sofoklis Panagiotou (Co-owner/Brewer of Septem Microbrewery), Tim Hampson (British Guild of Beer Writers Chairman)

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