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32 Via dei birrai

by Nicola Radisis
32 via dei birrai logo

Three different stories, three separate experiences, a common idea and the feeling that the outcome of the common course will justify them. These were the feelings of the three men of the Italian brewery 32 Via dei birrai.

Alessandro Zilli, Fabiano Toffoli and Loreno Michielin chose the internationally recognized number 32 for their beers. 32 is the number that represents beer in the international market according to the 1957 International Nice Agreement. A characteristic feature of 32 Via dei birrai, besides colorful circles with the number, is bottling in wine bottles with a cork that can be used as a key ring. Fabiano Toffoli has stated that at first, they considered wine as their main competitor in restaurants, which was their main target. In addition, with these bottles, they sought to stimulate the interest of the consumer. The philosophy of brewing is the production of top fermented beers, unfiltered, bottled only in 750ml, without pasteurization, to prevent the aroma of being destroyed. They have always been targeting food pairing, which has led them to promote and support labels like excellent wines. They support their undertaking that started in 2006 with the same strength and that’s why they’re developing an international export network. We should give them compliments for it!

The brewery is located in Venice, near the Dolomites in northeastern Italy, its water – the main raw material for brewing – comes from two different sources. 32 Via dei birrai use Belgian hops from Poperinge as well as the British Challenger for bitterness. The malts are mainly German. Their influences are based on Belgian, British and German breweries.

The brewery also produces “Ace to 32” vinegar beer, bottled in 250ml, allowing the beer to oxidize slowly at natural temperatures during a process that lasts months. The Italians’ love of everything and their ideas for promoting their beers have led them to stunning, stylish gifts for collectors and non-collectors, which you can find on their website.

The range of 32Via dei birrai includes: Audance, Nebra, Atra, Admiral, Curmi, TRE & DUE (3 + 2), Nektar and Oppale. Certified for its authentic Italian origin, the use of purely renewable energy sources for the operation of the brewery and the ability to consume all of its beers- other than Nectar – by Vegans. For the production of their beers, there is no fast-paced process, always having a standard process with a specific time frame, which is confirmed by the German company Slow Brewing. Awarded in Italy at Birre d ‘Italia, the World Beer Awards and in Asia at the China Beer Awards.

32 Audance bottle


A blond beer, cloudy, unfiltered. Foam that lasts long in the glass. Complex aroma with dominant citrus -that’s the reason for the orange circle of the label- peach, almond and flowers. Light body, with citrus flavor and light to moderate bitterness. Pairs beef and fish.

Style: Belgian Strong Ale | Alcohol: 8,4% abv | Serving Temperature: 10-12οC | Bottle: 750ml | Glass: Wine, Sommelier

32 Oppale botle


Caramel flavors from the malt and exotic fruit notes such as pineapple. Pale blond, cloudy, with sediment. Full bodied. Moderate sweet taste, with candy notes, bitter finish due to hops and pleasant aftertaste. Pair it with fatty foods such as pork.

Style: Hoppy Pale Ale| Alcohol: 5,5% abv | Serving Temperature: 8-12οC | Bottle: 750ml | Glass: Wine, Sommelier


32 Via dei birrai S.r.l.
Address: Via Cal Lusent, 41 31040 Pederobba (TV), Italy
Email: info@32viadeibirrai.com
Url: www.32viadeibirrai.it
Founded: 2011
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