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Having inspiration and the appropriate role models in one’s life are key ingredients that are quite useful especially when one decides to undertake something new.

Nils Oscar was born in Sweden in 1865.  He grew up in the Brändön region and immigrated to the US in 1882 following an invitation he received from a relative. While living in the U.S. he studied in Chicago. Described as a hard-working young man with ethics and high morals. In 1900 he returned to Sweden got married and had four sons. Great but where is the beer? Was he a brewer? No.

In 1996 Karl-David Sundberg, his grandson founded Kungsholmens Kvartersbryggeri that later became Tarno Bryggeri. The brewery eventually moved to the outskirts of town and in 1999 changed its name to Nils Oscar. Karl-David Sudberg wanted to honor his grandfather, who he saw as a man with great values.  A role model that was seen as a hero and formed by the stories that his grandfather shared with him.

Nils Oscar belongs in the new wave of Swedish breweries, which in recent years have been giving their best.  When the laws regarding alcohol in Sweden changed and became more “relaxed”, the door was opened to the establishment of many new breweries. The philosophy of the brewery to produce all its own raw materials would have been complete if it could manage to grow hops. Sadly, its efforts were not successful because of the geographical location of the fields. In order for hops to thrive it needs plenty of daylight. Located at latitude 58o degrees N there simply isn’t enough daylight.

The brewery produces more than 15 labels of beer and spirits such as vodka, gin and aquavit. Its beers have achieved distinctions in dozens of competitions. As a small example I mention “Rokporter” beer which was awarded in the Smoke Flavored category in 2008 and the Imperial Stout in 2002 which also won distinctions in the same category. Both have been awarded various distinctions at ratebeer.com and national competitions. The brewery’s most famous label is Nils Oscar God Lager. While we could link the label’s name with “divine” help which it seems to be getting since it is the number one in sales, the word “God” is the Swedish word for good!


God Lager

The brewery’s crown jewel favorite label since 2013 and the first one that was brewed. It is exported to England where they called it “God’s Lager”, “The Divine Beer from Sweden and Heavenly Beer from Sweden”. It is made from Vienna malt for the aroma and taste, and German hops. A beer with the taste of malt with a feel of hops, along with notes of lemon and butter. A beer that is easy to drink year-round. Pairs well with meat.

Style: Lager | Alcohol: 5,3% abv | Bottle: 330ml | Glass: Pint

Pale Ale

A top fermented beer with American influences. Pilsner malts Munich and Caramel wheat. Citra, El Dorado and New Zealand Waimea hops are used for its production. Amarillo and Cascade hops are used in dry hopping. A blond beer with citrus and grassy aromas and light notes of malt. Slightly bitter. Pairs well with fish and seafood.

Style: Pale Ale | Alcohol: 6,7% abv | Bottle: 330ml | Glass: Pint


Nils Oscar AB
Address: Fruängsgatan 2, 611 31 Nyköping, Sweden
Email: info@nilsoscar.se
Url: www.nilsoscar.se
Founded: 1996

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