The Hellenic Association of Brewers appoints new President

sofoklis Pnagioutou of Septem Microbrewery

The members of the Hellenic Association of Brewers gathered in an Extraordinary General Assembly, on Tuesday 10th October, to appoint a new Management Committee and to elect a new president. In a unanimous vote, the members of the Hellenic Association of Brewers elected Mr. Sofoklis Panagiotou, co-owner of Septem Microbrewery, to succeed Mr. Alexandros Karafillidis from Olympic Brewery. It is the first time that the President of the Hellenic Association of Brewers comes from a microbrewery.
The new synthesis of the Management Committee is as follows:

  • President: Mr. Sofoklis Panagiotou / Septem Microbrewery
  • Vice -president A: Mr. Zooullis Mina /Athenian Brewery
  • Vice-president B: Mr. Dejan Beko / Olympic Brewery
  • Secretary: Mr. Pantelis Kougios / VAP P. Kougios, brewery of Rhodes
  • Treasurer: Mr. Ioannis Marmarellis / Siris Microbrewery
  • Members: Mr. Minas Mavrikakis, Mr. George Denedios, Mr. Pantelis Avramidis

A few words on the Hellenic Association of Brewers

The Hellenic Association of Brewers was founded in 2004 as the Association of big breweries. Today, it unites both breweries and microbreweries from all over Greece.

Its members, in total 13, are: Athenian Brewery, VAP P. Kougios, Elixi microbrewery, Plastiga brewery, Santorini brewing company, Chios brewery, Cretan brewery, Cyclades microbrewery at Tinos island, Mykonos brewing company, Septem microbrewery, Siris microbrewery, Olympic Brewery, Piraeus microbrewery

The Hellenic Association of Brewers is a member of the European Association of Brewers, «Brewers of Europe». The «Brewers of Europe» was founded in 1958 and today unites the national brewers’ associations from 29 European countries (26 countries of the European Community plus Norway, Switzerland and Turkey)

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