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The Hellenic Association of Brewers establishes the “Open Breweries” event on an annual basis

by Beer and Bar Magazine
Open Breweries

Following the wide participation of the Greek public in the newly launched initiative ‘Open Breweries’ by The Hellenic Association of Brewers, this initiative is established on an annual basis.

“Open Breweries” is the new initiative of the Hellenic Association of Brewers which gives the opportunity to the public to visit some of the most important Greek breweries & microbreweries in the country. The members of The Hellenic Association of Brewers open their breweries for the public over a weekend, organizing and offering a series of interactive activities, from seminars and guided tours to beer tastings. Entrance in all breweries and participation in the activities is free of charge.

During the weekend of 16-17 June 2018, the public participated in the events organized by the members of the Association and had the opportunity, together with the brewers, the beer experts and the personnel of the breweries to participate in an organized experience regarding Beer.

This initiative gives the opportunity to the Greek consumer to get to know the beer production procedure, the ingredients from which beer is made, the product of beer and the brewers in person.

The wide public acceptance and the encouraging comments made regarding this initiative which aims to promote further the beer culture in Greece, always in the context of responsible consumption, has led to the decision to establish this initiative and to repeat in on an annual basis. 

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