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The Hellenic Association of Brewers launches the new initiative “Open Breweries” and invites you to visit them

by Beer and Bar Magazine
Open Breweries

“Open Breweries” is the new initiative of the Hellenic Association of Brewers which aims to give the possibility to the public to visit Greek breweries and microbreweries all over the country and to taste Greek beer.

The member breweries that participate in this initiative are the following:

  • Athenian Brewery
  • VAP P. Kougios
  • Santorini Brewing Company
  • Chios Brewery
  • Cretan Brewery
  • Cyclades Microbrewery at Tinos island
  • Mykonos Brewing Company
  • Septem Microbrewery
  • Siris Microbrewery
  • Olympic Brewery

This initiative offers the opportunity to the public to visit some of the most important breweries & microbreweries in the country. Entrance is free.

The visits include:

  • Free seminars on the art of brewing
  • Guided tours in the brewing and bottling sections of some of the most important breweries and microbreweries of the country
  • Guided beer tasting of different types of beer
  • Presentation of the beer history with audiovisual media
  • Guided beer tasting and food pairing with the appropriate tastes (salty & sweet) according to the profile of every different beer
  • Opportunity to meet the brewers in person and have a direct communication with them
  • Tasting of known beers and of new beers (not available in the market yet)
  • Tasting of fresh beer directly from the production


Entrance is free.

It is recommended to communicate directly with the brewery you plan to visit to find out opening days and hours and to book your tour (all breweries have limited number of persons by tour – booking or registration is required).

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