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Tequila Ocho Limited Edition (Las Presas-2018 Vintage)

by Beer and Bar Magazine
Ocho Black Bottle

The trend of limited editions tequilas makes sense, especially when it comes to single estate. Ocho Tequila, a brand based on love for quality tequila, introduced the Tequila Ocho Limited Edition (2018 Vintage) from the Las Presas estate, which is available in just 7,200 bottles. We had the opportunity and the pleasure to taste it since Tomas & Jesse Estes took care to supply us with one during the Athens Bar Show.

On the occasion of tasting and presenting this label, let us give you some information about one of Mexico’s most important feasts. “Day of the Dead” is celebrated on October 31, when children prepare thumbnails/avatars to invite lost young souls, calling angelitos. On November 1st, adult souls are visiting and on November 2nd families visit the cemeteries to give prices through the deeds to their relatives and their ancestors who have passed away. During the celebration, we will meet sugar skulls, as well as related decorations, a special bread for that day “pan de muerto”, papel picado and much more. “It is important not to forget our dead loved ones, because if this happens, their soul will be lost”, it is the philosophy of the feast.

Tequila Ocho Limited Edition (Las Presas) was presented last October and is dedicated to the “Días de Muertos”, so the black bottle was chosen. Las Presas is in Jesus Maria at an altitude of 2,170 meters and was owned by Carlos Camerena’s great-grandfather. The careful cultivation does not allow one plant to shade the other, producing an average of 26 kilos with a sugar content close to 28.6% from agaves aged 6,5 years. Tastefully tequila offers a spicy note of black pepper, citrus, agave, green notes.

A proposal for your particular cellar either in business or in your home, which I personally really enjoyed when tasting the rest of the team of the magazine.

Category: Tequila | Blanco Tequila
Origin: Mexico | Jalisco
Producer: Tequila Ocho
Distributor (GR): WS Karoulias
Type: 100% de Agave
Alcohol: 40% abv
Bottle: 500ml
Price (GR): €25,00

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