The 50 Greatest Beers of the World

557 views © Dimosthenis Papadopoulos, BeerBartender

Tim Hampson is a respectable man, who travels around the world to judge beers and spirits (mostly whisky and gin), has written various books about them, is a regular contributor to magazines in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and responsible for CAMRA’s “What’s brewing Magazine”. Everything he tastes is noted in a journal he keeps with him.

In this book, he included the 50 best he ever tasted. Browsing its pages we will see stories about famous beers that pioneered a beer style, made instant success not only for its flavours but also for its marketing plan and probably some beers you have never tasted. I know that for our Greek readers this is not possible, cause everyone in Greece had a Friday’s beer, the Pale Ale of Septem Microbrewery from Chalkida. But for international readers of the magazine/website or Tim Hampson’s book, beer N.31 is something new. Personally, I’m very proud to see one of our greek beers among all those great labels.

Book inside

Pages including the Greek beer from Septem Microbrewery © Dimosthenis Papadopoulos, BeerBartender

Categorized as a travel pocketbook, it has a soft paper cover with a nice illustration as all the books of the publishers series “The 50 Greatest” have. I loved the texture of the paper, reminds me old books. Every beer has its own black and white photo. No colours in it. Easy to carry and read.

“The 50 Greatest Beers of the World” is a trip in the world of beer, with 50 enjoyable destinations and educational character with a lot of historical tips. It’s a book for new or elder beer lovers.

Author: Tim Hampson
Language: English
Pages: 288
Publisher: Icon Books 
ISBN: 978-1785781094
Publication Year: 2016
Price: ≈€13.50 | £9.60 (Amazon)
Url: www.iconbooks.com

We thank the author for kindly providing the copy of the book!

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