Britain’s Beer Revolution

by Nicola Radisis

The award-winning writers Roger Protz and Adrian Tierney-Jones, describe us in their latest book “Britain’s Beer Revolution” the changes in the brewing industry in the 21st century. How big it has grown and evolved. Techniques old and new. Forgotten raw materials come back to the forefront, resulting in even tasty beers throughout the United Kingdom.

The book refers to all United Kingdom beers, which are produced from traditional breweries to newer microbreweries. A trip to the world of brewing, including not only brewing and beer, but producers of raw materials such as hops and cereals as well. The writers gave in “Britain’s Beer Revolution” special importance also to people involved in production and not only to the final product. It is divided into ten geographic sections, which serves as reference for those who plan to travel. It includes about 50 breweries and beer reviews. Pubs are also mentioned in the book.

Book inside

© Dimosthenis Papadopoulos, BeerBartender

This is a complete work accompanied by nice and clear photos. The cover is thicker than the body when it comes to paper, but it is not considered hard-cover. Cleverly graphics for referrals. It’s not a difficult book to read.

A book on beers that we will find hard to drink outside of the United Kingdom, which motivates us to search them online or on our next trip to Britain. Easily written, understandable to those their English language is at a basic level and do not know brewing terminology.

Authors: Roger Protz & Adrian Tierney-Jones
Language: English
Pages: 288
Publisher: Campaign for Real Ale 
ISBN: 978-1852493219
Publication Year: 2014
Price: ≈€18.00 | £15.00 (Amazon)
Url: shop.camra.org.uk


Nicola Radisis
Nicola Radisis

Nicola Radisis is the Publisher of Beer & Bar Magazine. Former bartender and publican, he found BeerBartender in 2012. He works as a beer consultant, is an experienced public speaker, participates as a judge in beer and bartending competitions and writes articles about anything related to the industry. He is a member of the British Guild of Beer Writers.

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