Gin Distilled

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Gin Distilled can be read with the right company which is none other than a Gin & Tonic. It contains all the experience of Gin Foundry and its pages cover the history of gin and its production. The authors do not omit the reference to the categories of gins as well as the trend of the time for soaked gins with fruit.

The main reason for buying the book may be the team that wrote it since in addition to the informative website Gin Foundry, it is responsible for organizing the celebration of Gin, Junipalooza, in London and Melbourne, as well as the Ginsmith Awards. For others, it may be the gins that have been featured in the following categories: London Dry, Old Tom, Classic, Modern Classic and Contemporary Gins. While others may be more interested in the rest of the information they will find such as the table with the garnishes that match with each gin, which tonic can be ideally combined with some gins and which types of glasses we prefer for either one.

To be honest, it bothered me that there was no mention of the Three Cents, given their global spreading. I also think that Grace Gin could have a place in the pages of the next updated version, which I imagine will happen at some point.

In Gin Distilled you will find stories about classic cocktail recipes and suggestions for the ideal gin to use. A book so the old can refresh their knowledge and the young to learn. Maybe this is one of the reasons to read it, the refreshment of knowledge.

The book is simple, easy to understand. The pages are clean, the tables and sketches complete what we read. There are no color photos –if you expect to find any– but there are detailed descriptions of gins, recipes and information about cocktails that help develop imagination and creativity. Hardcover, the body is from writing paper.

There are many reasons to drink gin and Gin Distilled not only offers one more but many more if we taste each label, cocktail or combination with tonic mentioned. I think Olivier Ward and the Gin Foundry team are challenging us. Do you accept that challenge?

Author: Gin Foundry
Language: English
Pages: 288
Publisher: Ebury Publishing
ISBN: 978-1529102857
Publication Year: 2018
Price: ≈£9.00 (Amazon.com)

We thank the author for kindly providing the copy of the book!

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