The Bartender’s Manual

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“The Bartender’s Manual” is a book that should be included in any bartender’s collection! A nice read even if you are a drink lover. Harry Johnson wrote this book in 1882. The remarkable is that all the later writers included it in their bibliography. It is, of course, a reference point for the history of bartending and every professional in the industry must-read about the first beverage preparations, the ways to organize a bar and his remarks. History is, moreover, the “map” of the present. I feel that this book is well-timed in some cases, much ahead of the written period and a valuable tool still in our days.

No photos, more graphics and many recipes. Feels like you have been teleported in his time and understand the way classic recipes have been formed like this. Compare today’s comforts with the basics and shortages of the end of the 19th and beginning of 20th centuries. “The Bartender’s Manual” is a book that should be in every bartending school as a reference and a prerequisite reading to any new bartender. Credits to Mixellany Limited for re-publishing it.

Author: Harry Johnson
Language: English
Pages: 278
Publisher: Mixellany 
ISBN: 978-1907434143
Publication Year: 2010
Price: ≈€46.00 (Amazon.com)
Url: www.mixellany.com

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