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Boatyard Double Gin

by Metaxia Makrimichalou

During the last years, Ireland produces spirits such as gin that are increasing its market share. Boatyard Double Gin is produced in a state-of-the-art “green” distillery which since 2016, when it started, has been using 100% organic raw and sustainable materials in all stages of its production.

Its story goes back to not-so-distant 2013 when Boatyard Distillery founder Joe McGirr started creating his plan. In 2016 after a decade full of experiences at Glenmorangie company he decided to make his dream come true by returning to his hometown to establish Boatyard Distillery. It took its name from the old boatyard on which it is built. Due to its location, it is accessible both by land and sea.

From the very first day of his return to Ireland Joe was determined that his business will be a family affair. From the very beginning his sister Teresa was part of the distillery team. His sister Mary is responsible for the texts on the labels while his brother Brain is in charge of the farm and its natural wealth which offers some of the herbs used in the gin production.
The transparent bottle gets your attention with its clean lines at the first glance. The Boatyard bottle is made from flint recycled glass. Natural and unvarnished cork, made from wood sourced from ecologically and sustainably managed forests in Portugal is used from the distillery to seal the bottles. On the other hand Boatyard Distillery is very proud of its gin label, as it is produced by the last British paper mill (James Cropper) and is made from 100% recycled paper.

Boatyard Double Gin is produced from organic wheat distillate which is macerated for 18 hours with 8 different botanicals, including the sweet gale aromatic herb found on the Boatyard Distillery farm. In Greece it is known as myrica gale and it is a shrub that thrives in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. Its aromatic leaves contain resin and have been used to flavor spirits and beers (mainly in the 16th century). The term double on the label refers to the process followed during the distillation and the addition of biological juniper at the beginning and at the end of the process, a method especially known to the Dutch distillers for the production of genever. The result of this process gives Boatyard Double Gin even more intense juniper aromas which are noticed upon the bottle opening.

These scents come as a gentle complement to the flowers and lemon freshness. Pouring it in the glass, notes of citrus, juniper, coriander, rosemary, angelica, and cardamom are also noticeable. Its taste is greasy with the alcohol being rather aggressive in the first sip, while the other herbs that have been used, such as licorice, angelica, and citrus, balance the taste. Juniper dominates in the mouth as well as in the nose. When you taste it, you notice a slightly peppery taste. Its aftertaste is sweet with a moderate to low intensity.

It is a gin that will reward those who love cocktails based on this spirit as it can be enjoyed in a cool Martini or Gin n’ Tonic served with a slice of grapefruit. With its powerful aromatic character and its refined taste, it can definitely be enjoyed with ice.

Imported in Greece by  The Bar Seed.

The Boatyard Distillery
Address: Tullybay Marina 346 Lough Shore Road, Enniskillen bt93 7dx, Ireland
Email: info@kovaldistillery.com
Url: www.boatyarddistillery.com
Founded: 2013
Category: Dry Gin| Gin
Origin: Enniskillen, Ireland
First production: 2016
Producer: The Boatyard Distillery
Distributor (GR): The Bar Seed
Alcohol: 46% abv
Price (GR): ≈€32,00

First publication: Beer & Bar Magazine, issue 16 (buy issue)

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