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Elpida Antonopoulou

by Δανάη Μαργαριτίδη

We’ve met with Elpida during a summer at the “exotic” Barro Negro where she works. Her communicative and pleasant character will win you immediately. I probably liked her so quickly because her birthday it on the same day as my mother’s. She started her career at Spoiled in Daphne where her hard work stood out and led her behind the bar which is now an important part both hers and ours as we enjoy her drinks.

    • Since when are you working in bars?

I’ve started working since I was 20

    • Why have you chosen to be in the bartending industry?

It hasn’t started consciously but it came up and I said, why not trying it. It took just a little time in order to understand that this is what I want to do in my life

    • What makes your job exciting?

Creativity, the continuously knowledge which you get, communicating with people

    • City or island?

Only town! Islands during the summer

    • What’s your favorite spirit, ingredient and cocktail?

Gin, lime, Last Word

    • Do you have a favorite technique and tool?

Shake and jigger!

    • Favorite travel destination?

Many, but certainly Mexico and Argentina

    • Is the customer, always right?

Yes and no! The balances are quite delicate but if you have perception and proper handling everything can flow smoothly and beautifully for everyone!

    • What’s the level of bartending in Greece today?

I am thrilled as the level is very high and it is developing every day. Surely, we don’t lag behind anything comparing to the international bars

    • Are you reading about the industry?

First of all, I want but also have to read about the industry at this point I have entirely dedicated myself to agave

    • What does it mean or what it should mean “I won in a bartending competition”?

It means recognition and reward for your work, the effort, and the time you paid but at the same time it can mean nothing if you do not handle it and take advantage of it properly

    • What or who would we say that is inspiring you at your job?

The nature of the work itself seduces you, inspires you, does not leave you alone. I am definitely inspired by some people as well!

    • What are the elements, the ideal bartender should have?

Knowledge, Kindness, discipline and above all perception

    • Bartender or Brand Ambassador?

I do not exclude anything but for know bartender!

    • Where would you take us for a drink?

I would take you in every Athenian bar where people that I appreciate, and respect work and I know that I would have a good time with them behind the bar. Now that I am thinking about it, they are quite a few!

    • We tell you that you can choose two celebrities (they can also be bar figures) and have a drink with them, which ones will you choose?

Freddie Mercury and Lenny Kravitz as I can’t go with Freddie let me have Lenny please!!

    • Tells us something we don’t know about you?

I love wine and singing

    • Tell us someone who you would like to buy a drink as a sign of gratitude?

The person I would like to buy a drink or maybe many drinks is George Kavaklis, who saw something in me and introduced me to this world that excites and completes me. I would just take my mother with me, so she won’t complain.

Instagram: elpida_antonopoulou

First publication: Beer & Bar Magazine, Issue 16 (buy the issue)

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