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Alexandros Tzortzakis

by Dane

Alexandros Tzortzakis studied International European Studies at Panteion University but the creativity of the bars gained him and that is what feeds on his childhood. Smiling and restless, in the mornings you will find him running around Athens talking about his beloved Voreia beer. If you’re lucky in the evenings, it might serve you at the Spiti Bar. He might also be sitting by your side enjoying a drink, a beer or both in a chaser.

  • Since when have you been working in bars?

In total 15 years in every position of a bar.

  • How did you decide to involve with bartending?

I think, like most of our colleagues, it links, in some mysterious way to our childhood imagination and creativity.

  • What makes your job exciting?

Unexpected combinations of the moment, beautiful music, friends at the bar, smiles from people you met a few hours ago, ingredients from around the world.

  • Do you prefer a Hotel Bar or a Bar?

A business where the bar is a protagonist.

  • City or island;

I am coming from an island but I work in the city.

  • Greece or abroad?

Athens on August 15, with the beaches of Halkidiki, Cretan food and Copenhagen public sector. (we count imaginary places right?)

  • What’s your favorite spirit, ingredient and cocktail?

Whisky, citruses, Daiquiri

  • Which is your favourite beer?

Voreia Pils ♥

  • Do you have a favorite technique or tool?

Shake and Garnish Tong.

  • Favorite travel destination?

At the moment Konstantinoupoli is the winner

  • Is the customer, always right?

He has the right to be demanding, as long as it is not rude and irrational.

  • What’s the level of bartending in Greece today?

I feel the orientation, from the “cocktail craze”, has started to change to simpler aesthetic and tasteful approaches. I think the age of maturity has begun.

  • Are you reading about the industry?

In my spare time, I try to stay informed and evolve as much as I can. (Liquid intelligence – Dave Arnold, The World Atlas of Whiskey – David Broom)

  • What does it mean or what it should mean “I won in a bartending competition”?

It means rewarding the idea and the effort, to give it its best. Although the biggest reward, it’s the whole process up there.

  • In a festival/bartending exhibition you would go for a walk, for the trip, for networking or education?

I will try to combine everything as much as this would be possible.

  • What or who would we say that is inspiring you at your job?

Inspiration comes from everything around us waiting for us to discover it!

  • What are the elements, the ideal bartender should have?

Cleanliness, kindness, knowledge, sensibility

  • Seminar or  Tasting/Pairing;


  • Bartender or Brand Ambassador;

Bartender and Ambassador.

  • Where would you take us for a drink?

I think that a Bloody Mary with pineapple from the new menu of  9Vita Bar in Chalandri would be perfect.

  • You drink your beer….?

With every chance

Spiti Bar

Αndrea Papandreou 9, Chalandri

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