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Dimitris Kaitalidis

by Danae Margaritidi

Dimitris Kaitalidis lives and works in Thessaloniki. He has been active in the catering industry for more than fifteen years, while he has worked in well-known businesses in his city. He believes that the positions and businesses he has been through have filled him with experiences, images, and know-how. Today we find him as the bar manager at the Nectar Distillery bar of the Zeus is Loose Hotel where he freely expresses his creativity and passion without restrictions and in a sealed manner.

  • Since when are you working in bars?

Since 2004

  • Why have you chosen to be in the bartending industry?

Because I believe that bartending is a profession that has no limits

  • What makes your job exciting?

Certainly, the new flavors and combinations as well as the interaction with the customers. Generally, the moments we live

  • Do you prefer a hotel bar or a bar?

For me it doesn’t really matter, as long as the conditions are appropriate

  • Greece or Abroad?

I wouldn’t say no going abroad

  • What’s your favorite spirit, ingredient and cocktail?

Favorite spirit, tequila and mezcal. I like working with several different ingredients and my favorite cocktail I would say Daiquiri

  • Favorite beer?


  • Do you have a favorite technique and tool?

Carbonation (Bubbles) and Shaker

  • Favorite travel destination?


  • Is the customer, always right?

Almost never

  • What’s the level of bartending in Greece today?

I see a huge development in our industry. The point is that our profession needs a voice. The creation of a union to protect the employee just like in other professions is needed

  • What does it mean or what it should mean “I won in a bartending competition”?

I’ve never won, but it certainly helps with publicity

  • Are you going to a bartending festival/exhibition for pleasure or as a business trip?

Both, as for me bartender apart of my profession is also my hobby

  • What or who would we say that is inspiring you at your job?

My work is inspired by almost everything, it can be a food, a childhood memory, a movie. What has overwhelmed me for the last 2 years because of the thematic catalog in the Nectar Distillery is Ancient Greece and mythology

  • What are the elements, the ideal bartender should have?

Perception, consistency, mood, smile and love for what he does

  • Seminar or Tasting/Pairing?

Both as each one offers something different

  • Bartender or Brand Ambassador?


  • Where would you take us for a drink?

Blue Cup, Vogatsikou 3, Elxate

  • We tell you that you can choose two celebrities (they can also be bar figures) and have a drink with them, which ones will you choose?

Ryan Reynolds & Snoop Dog

  • Tells us something we don’t know about you.

In the past someone has hacked my social media accounts

  • Tell us someone who you would like to buy a drink as a sign of gratitude.

Mr. Christos Chouseas

  • You drink your beer…?


Instagram: dimitris_kaitalidis_

First publication: Beer & Bar Magazine, issue 17 (buy issue)

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