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“Starting a business is as exciting as running off to cover a war. There is a kind of high that puts you in the same way in both cases. This led me to leave journalism and newspapers and turn to the founding of a brewery”.

The above are words by Steve Hindy, president and co-founder of Brooklyn Brewery, as they are transferred from a video in the brewery’s channel in YouTube. Maybe for some those words sound too much or to say for marketing reasons, but for a man you waged war in the Middle East and has experienced dangerous situations, I would not have thought he would dare to compare them for impressing purposes.

At that time journalists didn’t have access to alcohol. In order to drink beer that was forced to make it by themselves. That was the time when Steve Hindy learned homebrewing which stigmatized all his life. When he returned to New York he decided to get involved with brewing as at that period the city had none active breweries, while 100 years ago had 48. Along with Tom Potter created the Brooklyn Brewery in 1988.

In 1994, Garret Oliver joined the team as Brewmaster. 23 years later, the brewery is known for great success under the guidance of Garret Oliver, who is the lead author of “The Oxford Companion to Beer”. The passion for his work has led him to hundreds of nights of tasty combinations of beers, promoting it as the ultimate companion. Brewery extensions have continued since 1996 when their new plant was inaugurated.

Brooklyn Brewery is exporting in more than 20 countries all over the world, while is a leading company in the movement of collaborating brewers like in 2011 with the Italian Amarcord Brewery creating the series of Ama with four labels. In 2014 Brooklyn Brewery and Carlsberg inaugurated their premises in Stockholm, Sweden, producing beers with the signature of Brooklyn Brewery for the enjoyment of the Scandinavians. It was the first time a brewery from the United States set up facilities on the other side of the Atlantic. Followed by Norway in 2016, Hong Kong and South Korea in 2017, and a further co-operation is soon to be expected in Lithuania. At the same time, the Carlsberg Group has undertaken the distribution of Brooklyn Brewery labels in the countries of its presence.

Flagship of breweries sales is the Brooklyn Lager. Followed by the Pale Ale, Brown Ale, Sorachi Ale and Local 1. It is producing a lot of unique beers such as the Improved Old Fashioned, Black Chocolate Stout, Cloaking Device which are excellent with distinctions in competitions and praiseworthy comments.

Black Chocolate Stout

It is a complex beer. Its color is dark as chocolate, while flavor and taste are identical the same. It tends to have a sweet feeling, which is by no means annoying because it contains, besides wheat and barley. It is clearly combined with some sweet chocolate and fruit tarts. Beer is available from October to March.

Style: Russian Imperial Stout | Alcohol: 10% abv | Bottle: 330ml | Glass: Pint ή Beer Sommelier


A dark blond, not towards brown, beer which is based to Vienna Lager style with a rich caramel flavor that is preserved throughout the enjoyment. Spicy with citrus and floral aromas. It is balanced between sweet and bitter but with momentum to the second due to dry-hopping. Combine it with pizza, burgers, barbeque and Mexican cuisine. Beer is continuously available on the market.

Style: American Amber Lager | Alcohol: 5,2% abv | Bottle: 330ml | Glass: Pint


The Brooklyn Brewery
Address: 79 N 11th St. Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA
Email: info@brooklynbrewery.com
Url: www.brooklynbrewery.com
Founded: 1988
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