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Angus Wichester talks about BCB Pouring Digital

by Nicola Radisis

With BCB Pouring Digital approaching and Global Bar Week aiming to unite the world for the week of October 12-18, we contacted Angus Winchester, Bar Convent Berlin’s Educational Director, to learn more about it, something that is totally new to the industry, but common in our time, digital communication.

Do you expect to see new things during this year’s digital version?

Yes, of course. it is a Bar Convent Berlin with many exhibitors, products, and content – globally with our colleagues from the USA, Brazil and the UK. There is a lot of valuable input. We are embracing digital as much as we can and for example having top bar owners give us a guided tour around their bars is fairly special… Plus also the virtual tasting hub where (where possible) like-minded souls can gather and participate in tasting sessions that not only inspires the mind but also puts some money in a bars register is special.

For everyone but also for the bar managers and owners, this period was incredibly challenging walking into unknown paths. Are we expecting to see seminars about dealing with situations like the one we faced the past moths?

Well, it is tricky as Covid-19 has affected us to different degrees depending on the local Government’s responses. but as we have 4 shows/business units represented this year (USA, UK, Europe and Brazil) we are aligning each unit to post content regarding their markets.

What kind of presentations and seminars should we wait to see during BCB Pouring Digital?

The majority are pre-recorded and available on demand so that everyone around the world can choose to watch the content they want when they want it. But we are blending large social topics that have become so important this year with bar and restaurant focused material that balances the need of society with the specific needs of our industry.

Will, the visitor be able to see (not only taste, through the boxes) new products?

Yes, a lot of exhibitors are on board showing new products. This is a bit like a “normal” BCB, only this year the products will be presented virtually. But the exhibitors can be contacted at any time via chat and video functions. And we also present some new products in “unboxing videos”.

Education is a huge and important part of Bar Convent Berlin. What are your thoughts about this year? Will we see international speakers and new faces among them?

We have learned into the digital aspect to reach out to people around the world to eliminate time and space, so we have some established familiar faces together with many voices from our various communities around the world covering physical and social groups.

Can the visitors participate with questions and have interactions during or after the presentations and seminars?

Some sessions will have live Q&A afterwards and other sessions will allow questions to be asked and collated and then follow up videos may be posted. Plus of course, the platform is all about connecting people, so direct questions can be asked.

How are we doing the tastings this year? How easy is this through the web? Is this something we will see in future when everything is back to normality?

We are offering tasting boxes that can be bought. in addition, there will be virtual tastings hubs where bars become the classroom. This means that some bars can organize tastings, in which the people in the respective city can then participate in a very “real” way.

A lot of companies were choosing workshops and tastings the previous years. Though this they got feedback and/or connections. How easy will this be this year? Are there any private sessions?

We offer extensive networking opportunities through our matchmaking tool. There you can have a private exchange.

If we ask you “Why should someone participate at/ visit BCB Pouring Digital?” what would you say to them?

BCB has always been about networking for business and pleasure, discovering new products and with a solid education program of practical, relevant and interesting topics… While we may not be able to do this physically, we believe we are doing the best we can to support our industry. Plus of course, being free this year it has the potential to be bigger and more inclusive than ever.

Tells our readers the top 3 things that someone should do during BCB Pouring Digital.

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