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Britain based Whisky Live is coming to Greece for the first time

by Beer and Bar Magazine
Whisky live

On Wednesday the 29th of November, a wide range of whiskies and premium spirits will be presented at Makedonia Palace Hotel, offering the chance to visitors to enjoy them, combining them with gourmet culinary creations.

The global Whisky Live organization, with more than 40 yearly events all over the world, wishes to introduce to the high-standards Thessaloniki crowd some of the best whiskies in the market.

At the event, visitors will be guided through the magical world of premium spirits, will enjoy some premium and original whisky cocktails, will meet world class specialists, producers and whisky aficionados and will discover special tastes and aromas. Masterclasses and tasting sessions by world renowned authorities will also take place. All the above will be without any extra cost for all types of tickets holders.

Additionally, the unique tasting creations from top restaurants of Thessaloniki, as well as the specially selected high quality products featured in the event, as an extended food pairing session, will reveal the hidden aspects of each whisky brand.

Whisky Live Thessaloniki is the meeting point of all those in search of the unparalleled quality and unique enjoyment of the world’s top whiskies in an event where luxury becomes affordable.

Tickets for Whisky Live Thessaloniki can be purchased online from Viva.gr or at the event venue.

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