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Sknipa Imperial Stout

by Nicola Radisis
sknipa beer bottle

Standard Microbrewery of Thessaloniki pleasantly surprises with this label! Sknipa Imperial Stout is in my opinion its top label in terms of its dark beers and with the prospect of evolving every year with new variations and the aging of the existing labels.

Let’s start with the bottle and the label. It differs compared to the rest of the microbrewery. From the candle that covers the neck of the large bottle or the burgundy cap to the small ones to the creative work on the label. Craft, soft colors in the background and the detail in black and red letters that have been made with care. The pegasus dominates the label.

Sknipa Imperial Stout is a brown beer with ruby ​​highlights, opaque. For lovers of the category, it is definitely an attractive beer as well in terms of color, with chocolate aromas –I feel more milky than bitter– perfectly burnt nuts, nougat, vanilla and dark sugar. In the mouth carbonation is been imperceptible, sweet at first, bitter then, with the alcohol not being aggressive, but being perceived as we enjoy it, which is covered by the sweet. Notes of brandy or whiskey, slight acidity and maybe some tannins. Bittersweet aftertaste of mild intensity and moderate to long duration, slightly dry.

I support that this is a beer for those that can drink it all at once, if someone wants to enjoy it individually, always accompanied by food, since 12% is demanding. Ideal for restaurant, festive table, birthday gift and collectors. Sknipa Imperial Stout is worth leaving in time to see the difference in 5 or even 10 years, with the Standard Microbrewery of Thessaloniki giving it 10 years for the proposed expiration. Beer has won a silver award at the Greek Beer Awards in 2020.

Category: Top Fermented | Stout | Imperial Stout
Origin: Greece
Producer: Standard Microbrewery of Thessaloniki
Distributor (GR): -
Color: Dark Brown, Black
IBU: -
Alcohol: 12% abv
Serving Temp.: 8-10oC
Glass: Snifter, Wine, Pint
Bottle: 330ml | Longneck
Price (GR): €6,20

First publication in Greek: Beer & Bar Magazine, Issue 14 (buy issue)

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