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Happy Brewers East Coast I.P.A.

by Nicola Radisis
happy brewers east coast IPA bottle

One more beer of the series of free creation for the brewers of Siris Microbrewery, that Freedom, Creativity, Imagination, Innovation is leading to this result. Happy Brewers East Coast I.P.A. is the second from the series, after Happy Brewers Hoppy Lager.

Happy Brewers East Coast I.P.A. is the result of creativity of the microbrewery’s brewers during their days off. We said that the microbrewery encourages their brewers to brew anything they have in their mind, even on their break.

In this case, we have a beer with white, dense long-lasting foam. Light blond straw color. Hazy, with little to no sediment in the glass, microfiltered. Aromatic it gives a bouquet of citrus with a range of citrus and grapefruit to dominate and notes of mandarin. Peach appears along with mango and pineapple, while some floral notes are detected. The truth is that with hops like Mosaic, Centennial and El Dorado it is expected, while the aromatic profile is completed with the dry hopping of Azacca and Citra.

In the mouth, we have a medium body beer, with intense carbonation and fruity aromas to be detected here as well. Bitter as it should be, without exaggeration, in an amazing balance with the malts that have been used. Slightly dry and slightly acidic. As the temperature rises, it presents a sweeter profile. The aftertaste is bitter and long lasting, pleasant, refreshing and thirst quench. Excellent combination of hops and malts!

A delicate I.P.A. which should be on every beer restaurant and pub list and should be included in restaurant lists for combination with dishes such as Mediterranean cuisine dominated by olive oil, dishes with aromatic herbs such as parsley, tarragon, chives and dill and salads with acidity from lemon or vinegar. Ideal serving temperature is 6oC.

Happy Brewers East Coast I.P.A. was distinguished in 2019 with a gold award while in 2020 with a silver award in the category of India Pale Ale of the Greek Beer Awards. It is available from the Siris Microbrewery in Northern Greece in a 330ml bottle.

Category: Top Fermented | India Pale Ale 
Origin: Greece 
Producer: Siris Microbrewery 
Distributor (GR): - 
Color: Blond 
IBU: 60 
Alcohol: 5,2% abv 
Serving Temp.: 6-7oC 
Glass: Pint, Flute, Sommelier 
Bottle: 330ml 
Price (GR): €2,20- €3,00

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