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Voreia Wit

by Nicola Radisis
Voreia Wit φιάλη

I did not expect when Siris Microbrewery started in 2013, that it would develop into one of the microbreweries with the widest range of styles in Greece. I should see that coming when they launched one of their first labels which was Voreia Wit, a beer based on the Belgian tradition of fresh aromas and fortified wheat beers, compared to the strictly restricted –due to Reinheitsgebot– Germans and Weissbier .

Voreia Wit is one of the few Greek belonging to witbier or Belgian wheat beer, which has won the impressions and has gained fanatical consumers, however, it will not avoid comparisons with the “sacred monster” Hoegaarden Witbier.

In our glass, Voreia Wit presents a white, long-lasting, thick foam, with a cloudy blond color and a visible precipitate. Small minimal carbonation bubbles are observed in the glass. Aromatic fruits and flowers dominate, while it continues with alternations with caramel and vanilla. The spices are detected at all times, with the coriander being the most powerful. We start our fruity aromas with banana and orange while as it is warming, other citrus fruits are popping up. I wish it did not have this yeast feeling some times, but it is as low in intensity regarding the hops, following the style specifications.

In the mouth we have a light to medium body beer, with noticeable carbonation that adds crispness, slightly acidic and dry. Slightly bitter as it should be, the sweet element of malt dominates, presenting a harmonious profile. Fruits and spices are also found in the mouth, similar to the nose, like citrus fruits and coriander. A touch of spice is also noticeable, such as the “spicy” caused by ginger. The aftertaste is dry, of medium duration, slightly spicy, yet pleasant and refreshing.

Taste Voreia Wit in combination with light meals and snacks such as a vegetable tortilla and light cheese. Other alternatives are salad, chicken, fish, fruit. A variety of cheeses will make an excellent pairing. Ideal serving temperature is 7oC. I recommend it mainly for restaurants, but also for bars with snacks or food and of course by the glass and not consumed directly from the bottle. On the positives of the beer is that the alcoholic percentage (7% abv) is good covered and it is a thirst quencher.

Voreia Wit was distinguished in 2017 with a bronze, in 2019 with silver while in 2020 it won the gold award at the Wit & Weiss category of Greek Beer Awards, showing a steady upward trend.  Siris Microbrewery is bottling in 330ml and kegging in 20lt.

Category: Top Fermented | Witbier
Origin: Greece
Producer: Siris Microbrewery
Distributor (GR): -
Color: Blond
IBU: -
Alcohol: 7% abv
Serving Temp.: 6-8oC
Glass: Pint, Flute, Sommelier
Bottle: 330ml
Price (GR): €2,20- €2,40

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