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Le Passage (Fiskardo Kefalonia, Greece)

by Zoi Evangelia Papafotiou

Le Passage opened 7 years ago and is the first cocktail bar in Fiskardo, Kefalonia, aimed at expressing a different philosophy. Keeping in mind the modern concepts in the beverage world, owner Eleni Skiadaresi has set up a welcoming space of high aesthetics where you can enjoy creative combinations and listen to quality music.
A valuable partner throughout the years is the experienced head bartender, George Gaitanidis (see 360 Cocktail Bar, Athens), who each season creates new imaginative list and trains staff accordingly.

Eleni Skiadaresi

Eleni Skiadaresi, owner of Le Passage Cocktail Bar © Nicoletta Kavvadia

From the signature cocktails, I recommend the extremely summer-style Pirate Bay. Its exuberant base, spiced rum, which blends nicely with the exotic acidity of passion fruit puree and lime juice, while the distinctive sweetness of vanilla syrup and the aromatic leaves of fresh mint complement the whole. A pleasant surprise from Le Passage’s list, the Velvet Affair, which delivers a delicate balance of aged ingredients such as aged rum, caramel liqueur and fresh raspberry. Of the most classic, Old Fashioned stands out for whiskey enthusiasts. The Tequila Old Fashioned is a delightful variant for tequila lovers, while for lovers of dry and lightly bitter flavors, Last Word, featuring gin, is ideal.

Pirate Bay cocktail
Pirate Bay © Nicoletta Kavvadia
Old Fashioned cocktail
Old Fasioned © Nicoletta Kavvadia
Velvet Affair cocktail
Velvet Affair © Nicoletta Kavvadia

Leaving Le Passage you have the feeling that you are not only drinking to drink but to enjoy what you drink. You have learned more about the flavors, aromas and qualities of the spirits by avoiding the overwhelming 80’s feeling. This logic of colorful blends with withered maraschinos and colorful umbrellas is unfortunately still commonly found in the Greek islands and popular summer resorts.

Opening Hours
Monday - Sunday 09:00 - 00:00 
Contact Details
28084 Kefalonia, Greece

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