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M Dry Mastiha

by Nicola Radisis
M Dry Mastiha bottle

When tradition meets modern and authentic flavor becomes even more impressive, then the mastic we enjoy in our glass is M DRY Mastiha. Perfumes and flavors that we Greeks are most accustomed to for summer are locked in the bottle of M DRY.

M DRY has a mild, sweet taste, that travels us to the fine Chios island, while it is dry compared to the rest of the mastiha drinks, it is completely transparent and offers a deliciously refreshing aftertaste. It is the first mastiha drink that is not a liqueur and this makes it special, dry and less sweet. It is a product of 100% distillation, which is traditionally produced in copper stills in Lesvos by Isidoros Arvanitis Distillery.

Not being a liqueur, it helps every bartender create a cocktail recipe without adding sweetness balancing elements as you do for other mastihas while making it one of the protagonists of the recipe rather than a sweetener or flavoring factor. As a distillate, it offers advantages as it keeps the highly aromatic ingredients of mastic. Combine it with cucumber or mint leaves for even more freshness or with citrus and Greek herbs. It is recommended to offer as a shot but also as a long drink close to 10οC. Bartenders from all over Greece have created recipes exclusively for M DRY or twists of known recipes. You can find them on the M DRY website.

M DRY is available in a luxurious, impressive, minimal 700ml bottle. It’s being produced since 2015 and has been awarded the World Spirits Award for excellent quality in 2015.

Category: Greek Spirit | Dry Mastiha
Origin: Greece | Mytilene (Lesvos)
Producer: Isidoros Arvanitis Distillery
Distributor: WS Karoulias
Alcohol: 30% abv
Bottle: 700ml
Price: €18,00

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